Remote desktop support

Don't struggle with your computer - get friendly help online

We can securely connect to your computer over the internet and assist you with most desktop software issues

This can be highly convenient as we can often resolve your issue by quickly connecting and fixing the problem or showing you the best way to do something.

Each connection is chargeable at £20 +VAT which includes up to 30 minutes of support. In the unlikely event that a longer period of support is necessary there will be a further charge £15 +VAT for each 30 minute period or part thereof.

This facility is currently available to existing customers only. If you would like to be set up for remote desktop support please contact us via our contact page.

Existing customers

If you are an existing customer you can request desktop support via any of the following methods:

  • If you have had support previously you can make a request via the dedicated icon on your computer’s desktop
  • Click on the QuickSupport link in the footer of any of our emails
  • Make a request via our desktop support request page
  • Call us on 0151 724 6314

Get setup for remote desktop support